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Meet Our Staff

Mr. Brice Crowninshield
7th Grade Counselor
Phone # (425) 335-1544

Brice Crowninshield has experience as a counselor and educator in high school, middle school, and elementary school settings. Prior to working at Lake Stevens Middle School he worked in the Shoreline, Mukilteo, and Edmonds school districts as a counselor, behavioral specialist, and as Dean of Students for behaviorally and emotionally impacted students. Mr. Crowninshield holds a BA in Psychology from Central Washington University and a Masters in K-12 Counseling from City University of Seattle. He is devoted to the holistic development of students by supporting both their academic and social emotional growth. Outside of school he enjoys playing sports, coaching, and pyrotechnics. Here are some things Mr. C can help with:


  • Scheduling
  • Academics and Grades
  • 7th grade 504's
  • Social / Emotional needs and Check-ins
  • Parent Support
  • Friendship Issues
  • Student Campus Connection: Help with getting involed with clubs, sports, and lunch bunches!

Jennifer Jennings 6th Grade Counselor 
Phone # 425-335-1544


  • Scheduling
  • Academics and Grades
  • 6th grade 504's
  • Social / Emotional needs and Check-ins
  • Parent Support
  • Friendship Issues
  • Student Campus Connection: Help with getting involed with clubs, sports, and lunch bunches!

Mrs. Julie Danner Counseling Center Para-Educator
Phone: # (425) 335-1588

Mrs. Danner is an outstanding resource to our students, staff and families.  She is the 'go-to' person in the Counseling Center! Have a question and have no idea where to start? Call Mrs. Danner!  Don't know who in the Counseling Center is the right fit for your need?  Call Mrs. Danner, she'll know!  Mrs. Danner can help with:

  • Student Support and Success
  • College Bound Scholarships
  • Hungry Heart Liason
  • State Testing
  • Counseling Corner
  • Special Education Support

Ms. Hannah Herkert
Student Mental Health Support Specialist In-building
phone: # (425) 335-1680
Cell Phone: # (425) 923-0126   

Ms. Herkert has a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology. She enjoys supporting students and their families and is available to meet in regards to mental health needs/resources. She specializes in working with kids and families who are in need of support related to transition or changes, loss, friendship/social issues, and big feelings like anxiety, depression, and stress. Ms. Herkert knows it can be pretty tough to focus on school when something big is happening at home, or when big feelings like sadness, worry, fear, or anger are being experienced. If you or someone you know might like to talk about these things, come see her in the counseling center, send her an email or text, or give her a call! Ms. Herkert's jobs include:

  • Mental Health Resource Navigation and Support
  • Individual Support for Students
  • Group support for Students
  • Family Support
  • Tier Team Support

BruceLSMS Facility Dog  
Ms. Herkert is the handler of the school Facility Dog, Bruce. Bruce's specialties include helping students engage in school and hanging out when a student needs a break. Bruce was bred, raised, and trained to work in a school setting by Canine Companions. For more information visit His hobbies include swimming and getting belly rubs. You can meet Bruce by stopping by the counseling center at lunch on FRIDAYS. Email Ms. Herkert for more info.    

HavanaLSMS Service Dog in Traning 
This year, LSMS is giving back to Canine Companions  by raising Havana, a service dog in training. Havana is growing up at LSMS to learn the skills necessary to be placed with a person with a disability when she is 2 years old. Havana will return to CC in May of 2024 to receive her final, professional training. Students and staff are trained to support Havana in her puppy-in-training time here, and we are excited for what the future holds for her! You can meet Havana in the counseling center at lunch Monday - Thursdays. 

LSMS School Facility Dogs

Hannah Herkert with three facility dogs